10 ways to spend £10

You can buy and do some pretty incredible things with £10, including getting started with Heritage Explorer .

With the announcement of our new minimum investment level (1), Marketing Manager, Matt, thought he’d bring you 5 of the most, and least, exciting ways he thinks you can spend £10.


The ugly:

  1. A hair cut.

Well, only if (i) you don’t live in London, (ii) have short hair, and (iii) don’t want to be pampered.

  1. An eco-friendly wooden toothbrush (£5,50) (2).

For some this may be the pinnacle of coolness (including Heritage Explorer ’s Sarah), but for most, this is probably rather low on their shopping list.

  1. Cinema ticket for one.

With rising cinema prices, £10 will only stretch to cover the cost of one cinema ticket (and that’s the bog standard 2D screens, not the fancy 3D, D-Box or Imax).

  1. 5 chances to become rich.

Gone are the days where £10 would buy you ten lottery tickets, but you’ve still got to be in it to win it! A tenner will give you five chances of winning this week.

  1. The occasional coffee.

£10 may get you a Cappuccino on every other day of the working week (though that probably won’t be enough for most caffeine addicted office workers).


The amazing:

  1. Cinema ticket for one.

I know this is sort of cheating, but the latest Star Wars (3) film or the Oscar-nominated The Revenant (4) is (in my opinion!) a great use of £10.

  1. Dinner for two.

Currently unavailable, but periodically M&S (5) make it easy to have a nice romantic evening in with your partner, with their Dine in for 2 for £10 offer, letting you pick starters, main, deserts and a nice bottle of wine.

  1. Music streaming service.

For the music lovers out there £10 will buy you a 1 month subscription to music streaming services like Spotify (6) and Apple Music (7).

  1. One-way flight.

With Ryanair, you can head over to Dublin and have a great little break and escape the winter blues from £9 (8). Getting back may be a problem though!

  1. Invest in property.

You can now invest in UK property with £10. Join our rapidly growing investor community, and start building a diverse investment portfolio (1).



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