Heritage Explorer : An Interview with Liam McElroy

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As a first class graduate in Software Engineering, Liam is a keen problem solver with a wealth of experience that spans many industries. From Customer Relations Management systems to complex digital marketplaces, he has worked diligently with developers and consumers alike to bring ideas into reality. Liam and his brother both work at Heritage Explorer .

What are you and your brother’s roles here at Heritage Explorer ?

I’m the senior software engineer at Heritage Explorer . This involves working closely with management to design and implement the features that make Heritage Explorer a great crowdfunding platform. It’s my responsibility to make sure everything scales well as we grow, and that we stay online!

My brother, Adam, is our lead front-end engineer. Whilst my job involves making things work, Adam’s involves making sure things work beautifully and intuitively.

How do they differ?

Though they seem very similar at the surface level, our jobs are massively different. I’ve tried doing the things that Adam does, with little success. I’ve always been happier reading and writing than with anything visual. I just don’t have that set of skills, and I’m much more confident in front of a code editor than Photoshop.

A simple analogy would be that of a car; I build the engine and Adam builds the chassis. They’re both important jobs, and you can’t have one without the other.

How do you find working together?

Mostly, it’s great. Being brothers, we can be completely honest with each other in a way that you might normally feel embarrassed to do with a colleague. There’s a confidence and a common, unspoken understanding when we work together, and that’s one of the most valuable things we bring to Heritage Explorer .

Do you ever have to share your workload?

We’ve never actually had to, luckily. We can “get by” with each other’s code, but you really don’t get the best out of us that way. We have clearly defined skills and interests. Our interests are often quite different, though. I once downloaded the assembly code of a popular 90s video game and made huge changes to it to affect the gameplay and story. I showed Adam, thinking he’d be amazed by it, and I’ve never seen a man glaze over so quickly. Likewise, he can excitedly tell me about all the recent updates to ECMAScript, and I’m nodding and working out what I’m going to have for dinner that night.

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