60-bedroom single family-let in Yorkshire

Missing Downton Abbey? Aviva have kindly permitted us to use their research to show how the home of the aristocratic Crawley family may look on our platform if we ever had the chance to fund Highclere Castle…

Property Description:

Here is an opportunity to invest in a 60-bedroom single family-let in Yorkshire.

The property comprises of 300 rooms including a library (holding 6,000 vintage books), a stunning dining room, large kitchens and laundry building. Furthermore, the property comes with its own saloon, multi-car garage and stables: perfect for your horses to sleep in when you’re not riding around on the 1,000-acre estate.

There is a long-standing tenant in the property so we can be confident in our yield projections.

Aviva forecast that Highclere Castle would value at over £72 million and a further £668,200 would be needed each year to maintain the estate (subject to no unknown or exceptional maintenance costs).


Projected costs and expenses over the 5-year term are as follows:

Utilities: £444,000

Security: £80,000

Garden: £575,000


You would also need to employ around 70 staff, many of which would live on the estate.

Staff: £1,917,000

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors have predicted a 5% property price increase for Yorkshire, but please remember that property prices can go down as well as up.

We have included a provision fund for the property to help pay for unknown costs (such as cutting hundreds of keys), which has been capped at £5,000,000. For the first time, we have also included a window cleaning fund to take care of the 170 windows at 0.02% of the property value per annum (£1,440,000 for the length of the investment term).

Due to the success of other famous properties on the Heritage Explorer platform, we expect Highclere Castle to fund quickly, owing to its historic and cultural importance.


To read more about the costs associated with running Downton Abbey and the research undertaken by Aviva, please click here.