Trellis Tower Shows Confidence in UK Property Investment

The approval of London’s Trellis Tower shows a maintained confidence in UK property investment after the EU vote, and designer Eric Parry has explained how the majority of the construction could be completed in the UK.

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This week, Eric Parry’s design for Trellis tower at 1 Undershaft has been given the green light. The office tower will become the “second tallest building in Western Europe after the Shard.” (2)

In preparation for the building, the existing Aviva tower which sits in its place will be demolished.

According to sources, the building will include a “free public viewing gallery at the top” (2) which will be UK’s highest free public viewing gallery. In addition, after being granted planning permission, Singapore-based developer, Aroland Holdings, began “working with the Museum of London for an exhibition space at the top of the tower.” (2) The exhibition may include “interactive learning spaces for schools and other educational groups.” (1)

Years ago, when Parry revealed the design for the tower, he explained, “I wanted to do something calm.” (1)

The chairman of the City of London’s committee, Chris Hayward, explained that the building’s approval showed “that there was still a high level of investor confidence in the Square Mile after the European Union referendum.” (3)

The tower is set to be completed in 6 years. In addition, Parry explained that “Most of it can be put together in the UK. Many of the buildings rely on European expertise in cladding and I think this one could be handled much closer to home.” (4) He added “the huge weathered steel braces that give the Trellis its distinctive appearance and nickname could be made in the North of England, in a boost to Britain’s beleaguered steel industry. The vitreous enamel to be used – giving the building a white sheen – could be manufactured in the Isle of Wight.” (4)

Prior to gaining its approval, the developers had to trim down the building’s height by 4.7 metres, as experts said it “could endanger planes landing at City airport.” (5) The building will now stand at 304.9m tall, and provide “130,000 sq. m of office space and 2,000 sq. m of retail space, and is expected to have room for 10,000 workers.” (1)

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