Invest in Property
Hassle-free management
Opportunity for monthly income
Share any capital growth
Secured Loans
Opportunity to earn 8–12% p.a.
Terms starting at 6 months
Secured against property
Asset Segregation
Secure Payment
Heritage Explorer is a trading name of Property Four .
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Between 1997 and 2023, UK property prices have grown by 11.64% per year on average.1

This is compared to the FTSE All Share index which has delivered 3.03% p.a. on average over the last 20 years to the end of 2023.2 We believe that property should form a part of everyone's investment portfolio, which is why we give you the control to select investments tailored to your goals. By investing in a variety of properties instead of one, you could diversify your portfolio, reduce your level of risk and increase your returns over time.

A £ investment in UK property twenty years ago would be worth £ today. 1

We’ve made it simple


Browse our range of exclusive investment opportunities available to our members. We'll give you all the data needed to build your portfolio.


Invest online using a debit card, or an online bank transfer. You can also reinvest any income and potentially benefit from compounding.


Any returns are paid quarterly, annually or at the end of the specified investment term depending on the investments in your portfolio.


Vote to sell your property crowdfunding position at the end of the term, or receive your capital on the Redemption Date of secured loan investments.

Invest £100 or £500,000+

Heritage Explorer is built to allow everyone with an interest in property-backed investments to build a portfolio, whether you plan to invest £100 or £1,500,000+.

No hidden costs

We believe in transparency; all of our fees and associated costs are disclosed. Use our investment calculator to see how the numbers stack-up.

You're in control

Monitor your investments, build your portfolio, vote to exit properties at the end of their term, and top-up or withdraw funds from your online portal.